Some of my First Projects



I have been crafting my entire life. When my mom visited me in April of 2014 we were walking through the yarn isle in Walmart and I turned to my Mom and said, “Please teach me to crochet!” We picked up a hook and a few skeins of cotton yarn. She turned the skein of yarn over and explained to me how to read the label. What’s worsted weight yarn I asked? What’s the deal with different sizes of hooks? She answered these basic question and I was inspired and determined to learn.

That evening after all the babes were alseep she showed me how to make my first chains. It was tricky and frustrating at first however she was patient and I kept trying. I remember it taking me about an hour to get the hang of simple chaining. The hook in my hand felt ackward however it was so fasinated to watch the hook and yarn work in syncranicity with my hands.

Then came the first double crochet and I was hooked. My mom’s favorite stitch is double crochet so we stuck with that. She helped me make my first square and I was so proud of myself and felt so connected to my Mom. We giggled and enjoyed our time as mother and daughter as well as teacher and student.

After the square I wanted a border and so she taught me to single crochet and make a border. I made my first wash clothe!!! That was my first crochet creation. I asked many questions and she answered them all. Shortly after she had to return home and I had my hooks and yarn to keep creating.

With in a few months I was creating my ideas,  I taught myself to read patterns and how to half double crochet as well. I requested books from the library and found amazing tutorials on youtube. As I looked for patterns I found amazing bloggers that had created the ideas in my mind. A few of the most helpful bloggers were Repeat Crafter Me, Moogly, Whistle and Ivy and Petal to Picots. All had great free patterns, links to tutorials or had made tutorials themselves. I was so inspired to keep creating.

I hope you find some inspiration here. Be patient with yourself. Here are some of my first creations in my first months. Thank you Mom!! Enjoy!! Happy creating and crocheting.

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