This was Bobby Slayton, a stand-up comic who is notorious for his racist and sexist material. Transcript of a phone call with a self-described “old hippie,” whose teenage daughter began working for Epstein in his Palm Beach mansion around 2002, just a few years before Epstein’s first arrest. Me: OK. How did she end up getting that job? According to the New York City medical examiner, Epstein hanged himself with his bedsheet either on the night of August 9 or early in the morning of August 10, which if true, would make his death the first acknowledged suicide in 14 years at the institution.

They weren’t all elites, thankfully.

I tried a couple more people, none of whom picked up, whereupon I was interrupted by a call from a restricted number. Vanity Fair in 2003 said it was “related to cleaning up, tightening budgets, and efficiencies.” Julie told me Epstein was helping to track down employees who Wexner believed were “stealing” money from him at L Brands headquarters. Trump, through a spokesperson, said, “Mr. He asked the kinds of questions that a young comic would ask in comedy class.”. “He was amused to put one over on the world by having fake art,” Pivar told me. Hicks has not returned any of my calls.

We got in a helicopter, and we met Jeff and Donald and Marla Maples and maybe four or five other people. Bernie Ecclestone, Ben Elliot “I was 22—what did I know?” Shuster was greeted at the door by the butler while Epstein descended the large staircase by the entrance, dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans. While this is certainly a curious set of circumstances, none is a smoking gun in and of itself.

She’d take a couple trips to his private island, Little Saint James; frequent his properties in New York, New Mexico, and Palm Beach; chill with a few of Bill Clinton’s staffers; and meet many of the people in Epstein’s inner circle, including Virginia Giuffre, his eventual accuser. He “couldn’t concentrate on a subject for more than two minutes before having to change the subject, because he didn’t know what anyone was talking about and would blurt out the dumbest things,” Pivar said. A medical examiner hired by Epstein’s brother ruled the death a homicide by strangulation, citing Epstein’s broken hyoid bone, a small u-shaped bone just above the Adam’s apple that rarely fractures in instances other than strangulation. Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse was raided by the FBI in 2019.

I remember thinking they weren’t that funny….Why would an adult tell this story?” said Julie. Shuster was just about to begin coverage of the ’96 election, but Epstein didn’t offer his own views about the election during the conversation, or about anything really. All Rights Reserved.

It’s about a con man who travels the world under the guise of being a “sex researcher” in order to spy for the US government.

That\u2019s not what he does.\u201d"},{"id":10,"description":"According to flight logs, Clinton traveled on Epstein\u2019s plane [26 times](https:\/\/\/us\/flight-logs-show-bill-clinton-flew-on-sex-offenders-jet-much-more-than-previously-known); it’s unclear how many of those flights were different legs of the same journey.

She said he was a big fan and wanted me to come entertain, and that there was going to be some big, high-profile people there. Peter Soros, the nephew of George Soros Some of the circled entries include additional notes—one address in New York City, for instance, is marked as an “apt.

Former New Mexico Governor Bruce King All I did for weeks was sit on my couch, feel like dogshit, flip through this haunted book, and call people up one by one in between bouts of stress diarrhea. If Epstein had a talent, it was for knowing how much of his interest he needed to parcel out in order for people—scientists, stand-up comics, aspiring models—to feel flattered by the attention. I wouldn’t put it past that he’s out there somewhere.

She used him and he used her, and that’s where this whole sexual production line came in,” Julie told me. “I was always afraid, because I knew he was really powerful. The listings are at times preposterously detailed, often containing additional names and numbers for people’s emergency contacts, their parents, their siblings, their friends, even their children, all alongside hundreds of car phones, yacht phones, guest houses, and private office lines. “Yeah, I don’t really wanna talk about any of this,” his son said. Trump’s Ties to Mossad/CIA Pedophile Ring {ReBlog} 20 views. Followers of the Epstein case—I’m including myself here—reacted to his death with a burst of paranoia and anger.

“I grew up really sheltered,” she said, “and I was never promiscuous or anything.” Once, at a dinner with Epstein and a male friend of his, the conversation “turned” and became “incredibly crude.” The men were talking about women, and Julie was so upset that she got up from the table and walked out of the restaurant, holding back tears, and flagged a cab to leave.

Make this your FaceBook Profile picture and send a GINORMOUS MIDDLE FINGER to the Tyrants who are sieging our land right now. Leslie was shy, quiet, and the meeting was short and uncomfortable—few words shared, no food served, the trio sustaining themselves on peanuts alone.

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Pivar was the first person to peel back the curtain of Epstein’s reputation with intimate, firsthand knowledge of the man himself, and to counter the prevailing media narrative at the time. It’s as if Epstein had tried to reverse the usual dynamics of fame and power: He seemed to know more people than knew him. But he really wanted her to go because he thought she was a really intelligent blonde….Let me ask you something, do you think he killed himself? Old hippie: Well, I remember one other thing. Big yikes all around on this one!

Me: “I got it from Epstein’s contact book.”, Tisch: “NO! “Epstein’s mind goes through a cross section of descriptions,” Joe Pagano, a longtime friend of Epstein, has said.

The theory neatly justifies both his untraceable wealth and outlandish special treatment in the criminal justice system, and there is some compelling evidence to go along with it: When prosecutors raided his home in 2019, a safe was found containing multiple CDs with the label “Young [Name] + [Name].” Also found was a fake Austrian passport containing his photograph and a spoofed name that listed his residence as Saudi Arabia (this safe also contained 48 loose diamonds and $70,000 in cash).