C2C Crochet Cactus Pillow Pattern

This free pattern for a Crocheted C2C Cactus Pillow is part of my C2C Cactus Series. Are you new to C2C (corner two corner crochet)? C2C crocheted is working with a cluster of stitches essentially making a square or rectangle working from corner to corner. Using a graph makes[…]

C2C Crocheted Cactus Wall Hanging

Aloe! Welcome to my C2C Crocheted Cactus Wall Hanging Pattern! I was inspired to create this pattern so that I could welcome my guests with a beautiful crocheted wall hanging. C2C Crocheted Cactus Wall Hanging is my second pattern in my C2c Crocheted Cactus Series. If you’re a[…]

Crocheted C2C Cactus Pot Holder Pattern

I’m so excited to release my free pattern for C2C Crochet Cactus Pot Holder. This is the first my C2C Crochet Cactus Series that I will be releasing. I’m in love with all things crochet and cactus and this pattern combines both. I have been redesigning my home[…]

Together Crocheted Baby, Placenta and womb.

Are you a doula, midwife, delivery nurse or mom to be? Do you know someone who is? A Crocheted Baby, Placenta and Womb is a perfect learning tool as well as gift. I had midwives and home births for all 4 of my boys and my midwives are[…]

Front view of Crocheted Lemon Deco Pillow

Have you ever had to make lemons into lemonade in life? April is National Stress Awareness Month and Craft Yarn Council has a campaign Stitch Stress Away. Craft Yarn Council did a survey with some fascinating results, 85% of people who crochet or knit experience stress reduction. I personally use crochet[…]

Front view of a crocheted plushy cactus.

Would you love to snuggle up to a Crocheted Plushy Cactus Pillow? Cacti and Bernat Blanket Yarn are a match made in cozy heaven. I designed and made this Plushy Cactus Pillow to go along with my Primrose a Plushy Crocheted Cactus and Crocheted Plushy Potted Cactus Pillow.[…]

Together crocheted plushy cactus and potted cactus.

Have you seen my free pattern for a Crocheted Plushy Cactus Pillow? Would you love to snuggle up to a Crocheted Plushy Potted Cactus Pillow? Cacti and Bernat Blanket Yarn are a perfect combination. A Crocheted Plushy Potted Cactus Pillow is the 5th addition to my patterns for[…]

Baby Cactus is a little friend that can go anywhere.

We are in love with Cactus Plushies in our house! Have seen my patterns for Rosie a Crocheted Plushy Cactus and Primrose a Crocheted Plushy Cactus? I would like to introduce Baby a Crocheted Plushy Cactus. Baby Plushy Cactus was created to be a fun and cuddly cactus[…]

Primrose is a fun and cuddly crocheted plushy cactus.

Have you seen my free pattern for Rosie The Crocheted Plushy Cactus? Introducing Rosie’s friend Primrose The Crocheted Plushy Cactus! This pattern is a modified version of Rosie but using Bernat Blanket Yarn which is super soft and super plushy.  Primrose is super easy to make and only[…]

Rosies is a Crocheted Cactus you can snuggle.

Would you like to cuddle a cactus? How about a soft and squishy cactus? Introducing my Free Pattern Rosie a Crocheted Cactus! As I watched my boys play with their Crocheted Potted Cactuses, I thought to myself wouldn’t it be lovely is they were larger so they could[…]